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Folio Institutional. Folio Institutional® is a leading brokerage, custody, and financial technology company, all in one. Investment advisors, financial institutions and retirement plans use our innovative technology and modular solutions to build and precisely manage customized portfolios for their entire client base, regardless of account size.

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  • May 13, 2020 · RIAs using Motif had until May 12 to decide whether to stick with Folio or transfer Motif accounts to another broker-dealer or custodian ahead of the May 20 transition.
  • Jul 14, 2016 · Custodian Folio Institutional is offered by FOLIOfn Investments Inc., which is a self-clearing broker-dealer launched in 1999 geared toward individual investors. The broker-dealer is, in turn, a wholly owned subsidiary of FOLIOfn Inc., which provides investment technology, management consulting and other services to financial services firms.
  • Mid Atlantic Capital Group is a leading provider of first-class custody, brokerage, trade processing, and financial services technology. They serve over 10,000 financial advisors and 500 financial institutions on behalf of more than 75,000 customer accounts and one million beneficiaries.

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    Folio Institutional provides asset custody, low-cost order execution, and commission-free window trading of single securities and whole portfolios. We also provide performance, tax, and transaction reporting, and analytical tools on our simple-to-use platform.

    Depository and Custodian: In the financial world, the role of depository and custodian is becoming similar and so there is a thin line to differentiate between the two. And hence some of us are not very...

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    Custodian \k -'sto-de- n\: One entrusted with guarding and keeping property or records. Folio Institutional is the custodian your investment advisor has chosen to hold and support your investment assets. Folio is a “qualified custodian” under the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) custody rule (206(4)-2). As a qualified

    Discover why more advisors choose Schwab than any other custodian in the industry. Are you a client of an advisor? Schwab Alliance is our secure website to access your account information for assets held at Schwab.

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    Goldman Sachs is purchasing Folio Financial for an undisclosed sum, in a deal expected to close in the third quarter pending regulatory approval. The acquisition was announced by Folio Financial ...

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    Sustainfolio is a program of Sustainvest Asset Management (founded in 2013), an independent investment advisory firm 100% focused on sustainable investing. The program was created to help further the mission […]

    the undermentioned Nominee to receive the Units to my/our credit in Folio No./Application No. _____ in the event of my/our death. I/we also understand that all payments and settlements made to such Nominee and signature of the Nominee acknowledging receipt thereof, shall be a valid discharge by the AMC/ Mutual Fund / Trustee.

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    This month’s edition kicks off with the news that Goldman Sachs has acquired Folio Institutional and its $11B RIA custody platform for 450 (mostly small) RIAs… and raising the question of whether Goldman is making a play to compete for small RIA custody opportunities as Morgan Stanley acquires E*Trade Advisor Services and Schwab acquires TD Ameritrade, or if Goldman will repurpose Folio to capture large wirehouse breakaway teams, or simply use it as a custodial platform for their own ...

    EarthFolio is a revolutionary online investment platform that provides expert sustainable investing* advice. Using an intuitive interface and a radically low cost structure, EarthFolio allows you to invest in an automated portfolio designed with your financial and sustainable goals in mind.

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    Nov 02, 2016 · Institutional-grade trading and rebalancing solutions now paired with advisor-friendly interface and expert operational support for RIAs of any size FolioDynamix Announces Acquisition of Summit ...

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    Partnered with two senior portfolio managers in overseeing more than $500 million in assets for high net worth investment accounts, trusts, IRA's, defined contribution plans, institutional accounts and various other types of accounts; Built and maintained relationships with high net worth clients by serving as the primary point of contact

    Other Custodian: Additional Information ... Direct Indexer, by Folio Institutional 8180 Greensboro Drive, 8th Floor McLean, VA 22102 ©2020 by Folio Financial, Inc ...

Folio Institutional has a minimum quarterly custodial charge of $25, and an annual account fee of $25 on all accounts less than $50,000. Please see Folio custodial agreement disclosures.
Betterment is a clear leader among robo-advisors, offering two service options: Betterment Digital has no account minimum and charges 0.25% of assets under management annually. Betterment Premium ...
Our custodian services for your success. As a depositary, we are responsible for the legally required and transparent safekeeping of fund assets. We also administer clearing and settlement, corporate...
Wealthfront is a force among robo-advisors, offering a competitive 0.25% management fee, free management of balances under $5,000 (with NerdWallet’s promotion) and one of the strongest tax ...